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五分鐘深度鬆弛音樂 Five-Minute Guitar Relaxation Music

Updated: Apr 12, 2020

Guitar Meditation

創作讓人身心靈放鬆、自在安樂的音樂一直是我的願望,現在很容易找到許多長度約十幾、二十幾分鐘至幾小時的放鬆音樂,可是有時候我們的日程安排得滿滿,難以給自己十幾二分鐘的時間放鬆,特別是自從到伯克利開始學習生活以後,一學期16學分的課時,加上至少三倍的準備和作業時間,以及額外的jam sessions, rehearsals, concerts,輕而易舉地就達到一周70小時以上的工作時間。雖然做的每一件事情是都在自己熱愛的音樂範疇之內,都是自己夢想的生活狀態,全面的自我照顧和平衡是保證精神滿滿、能夠全情投入的必須。

可是有時候從一節課到另一節課、或者另一個排練可能只有短短十分鐘時間,或者午飯過後只有短短十幾分鐘休整時間又要趕赴下一場,依靠我一直以來採用的呼吸與打坐不足以在這麼短的時間內達到深度鬆弛(心理學鬆弛的方法、自我暗示法等一般需要二十分鐘到三十分鐘可以達到最佳效果)。因此我就想, 我需要創造一種新的更高效的休息與恢復精力的方式來應對新的生活狀態,給在繁忙的都市生活中的你我他一個新的可能性,因此這段作品可以看作我對音樂和身體的潛能和極限的新探索。



It is always my passion to create music for relaxing and refreshing people.

It is easy to find twenty-minute to hours-long music to support your relaxation. Imagine you could get deeply relaxed in only five minutes with personalized music. It is much easier to create a five-minute refreshing space for yourself in the fast modern life.

Especially in my Berklee life, often times, I only have ten minutes to move from a class to another, from a jam session to another rehearsal. How to manage the fifteen-minute break after lunch in a most effective way to be reenergized and get ready for another several hours of concentration?

Here comes my resolution. I integrated the mind-body discipline with the power of music to create this Guitar Meditation which has the magic to offer you deep relaxation in a short amount of time and bring you back to the outside world with "Ding--" from a singing bowl.

Please find a comfortable spot and your favorite posture, play the music through speakers, and let it bring you to the deepest relaxation.

It could be five-to-ten minutes during a busy day, or serve as a half-an-hour "appetizer" for a better sleep.




If you would like to get a high quality .WAV file, or you have some specific needs, feel free to contact me for details. I hope you enjoy! It is my pleasure to hear your feedback!

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