Music Creation for Self-care and Emotional Processing

Around December 20, 2019, I began to hear stories and news about the COVID-19 outbreak in Wuhan. In the early stage, mistakes were made followed by wider spreads.

While things in China started to get under control in February 2020, with massive social and medical measures, similar mistakes made in other countries/regions led to outbreaks in Italy, Japan, South Korea, Europe, the U.S., and more...

On March 9, Harvard decided to close the campus staring during Spring break. All the classes would be taught remotely. Then MA declared emergency. Followed by all the colleges and universities, then schools, large organizations and performance centers... Watching similar crisis repeating itself, from far to near...

Words can not capture how much I have been feeling since December 2019.

Hence, I have turned to music.

Here is the music I created at Berklee, on March 13, 2020, the last day till Berklee closes for the rest of the semester.

I hope the music is able to reach you in a way that words can not. Thank you for watching and listening. I encourage you to respond to my sharing in creative ways!


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