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2015 Version

In February 2009, Xingyu played the piano with Shanghai Symphony Orchestra for the Chinese New Year Concert. Music included Grande Sonate Pathétique by Beethoven, Scale Concerto No.1 (world premiere) by Xiangming Xie, Lonely Shepherd for two pianos and orchestra, Jasmine for pianos, orchestra, and chorus, and Quizas, Quizas, Quizas. She was awarded the first prize and the most popular pianist of 2008 by FM 947(East Radio Station). 


From January 2011 to August 2014, she worked with Shanghai Roots and Shoots, Hands-On-Shanghai, and World of Art Brut Culture as a performer, facilitator, music therapist, educator, and green mentor in the field of environmental protection, community building, health care, leadership development, music/art therapy, and education. 


Xingyu started her professional training in expressive arts therapies, psychodrama, sociometry, and group therapy at the age of twenty. She was the youngest member in the intensive training group, with professional mental health counselors and psychotherapists working in universities, hospitals, and communities. With over 800 hours of training certified by the ABEPSGP (American Board of Examiners in Psychodrama, Sociometry and Group Psychotherapy), she frequently facilitates workshops in Shanghai and Boston using a wide variety of modalities. Her psychodrama trainers include Lili Zhang, Shu Gong, Lifeng Zhang, and Ruiling Tu. 


She also enrolled in the intensive Satir Transformative Therapy Program (2013-2014) during her study of psychology at East China Normal University with a specialty in mental health education. 


Since August 2014, she has begun her new adventure at Berklee College of Music. She has been pursuing her passion for playing and composing music that integrates elements from music all around the world: Jazz, Pop, Latin, Indian, African, Mediterranean and Chinese traditional music. With her Chinese background, she sees playing music as a spiritual practice to live as an authentic person, the way our creativity and spontaneity flows into the world, and a path that we connect with ourselves and others. 


In February 2015, with seven talented Berklee musicians from around the world, Xingyu shared her own Jazz arrangement of a song that she sang in her childhood in  Berklee Performance Center. The song, “Chong Er Fei”, appreciates the intimate relationships between individuals: not only romantic relationships, but also family relationships, close friends, partners, and we as musicians playing music together!


It was the first year she spent Chinese New Year in the United States. She said there was nothing else better than playing music with friends and sharing favorite songs with people to celebrate the new year. 


At Berklee, she developed her role as a drum circle facilitator, percussionist, cross-cultural liaison, vocalist, songwriter, composer, jazz pianist, and bandleader. 


She has collaborated on field recording projects “Growing up with Shanghai”, “Sounds of Shanghai”, and “60 Minutes Cities”. These projects have explicit goals to encourage people to listen to their surroundings; to utilize their other senses to develop a closer relationship with their environment. 

As a board-certified music therapist, she has worked at one of the United States’ top nursing homes and early intervention centers, Boston Children’s Hospital, Tufts Medical Center Psychiatric Unit, Community Music Center of Boston, and Powers Music School. 




 “I want to play the piano. I love music! 
I will play music throughout my life!” 
Spoken out with strong determination from a four-year-old girl.
Great appreciation for my parents support my growth in music and arts unconditionally! 




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