"You are so active, creative, and fun to be around with! You have such a unique way of touching people. I will greatly miss you when you are not here."

A Client from the assisted living facility, 2019


"She sang beautifully and her warm personality came through her music and talking.”


Laszlo Gardony, 2015

Professor, Berklee College of Music

Jazz pianist, arranger, and bandleader

First-prize winner at the 1987 Great American Jazz Piano Competition


“She is very talented in the field of expressive arts therapies, psychodrama, sociometry, and group therapy. You could feel her maturity and her ability to offer a holding environment and flow that are well beyond her age. Her concentration, sensitivity, and creativity are impressive. She leads the session naturally and spiritually.”


Qi Wang, 2014

Director and Supervisor of Advising and Counseling Center

East China Normal University

"I thought I was abandoned by God for the past thirty years. But you helped me find music! Actually, I have music inside! I am not abandoned. I am fully gifted!"


my first adult client with special needs, after we co-wrote and recorded his song "Red Apple",

in 2010

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