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The Contemporary Interpretation of Chinese Ancient Poetry at Boston National Poetry Month Festival

Updated: Jul 12

On April 8th, 2016, Xingyu Yao and her fellow musicians, Billy Yeung, Leahy Ardon, and dancer, Priscilla Cerdas, performed Xingyu's original composition Jianjia, which was inspired from Chinese ancient poetry written thousands years ago and mixed with her experience in the modern world and jazz study at Berklee.

She played the piano and sang, while Billy and Leahy accompanied and interacted with her on the Chinese flute, cello and voice. Priscilla, an Argentina contemporary dancer and dance-therapist-in-training moved to the music in Chinese Han dance costume, integrating fashion from the Han tradition.

Xingyu hopes to bring the beauty and wisdom from the ancient era to live and is passionated about applying them in the contemporary music world.

"All these ancient Chinese poems were created to sing in about three thousand years ago. Unfortunately, due to the influence of multiple dynasties, wars, and tragedies, we only have the written words preserved while the sound was lost. As my attempt to connect my roots, ancestry, and cultural heritage, I feel grateful to meet peers from different cultural background to co-create or re-create the beauty of these highly artistic works." said Xingyu.


2016年四月八日,姚星宇在波士頓詩歌節上表演了她創作的音樂“蒹葭,” 将中国传统古诗词进行现代重新演绎。這首音樂的靈感源於中國《詩經》中的“蒹葭蒼蒼,白露未霜。”

在此次音樂節上演出的版本邀請了來自中國深圳的Billy Yeung演奏中國笛子和人聲,來自以色列的Leahy Ardon演奏大提琴和人聲,以及來自阿根廷的Priscilla Cerdas穿上中國民族服裝即興舞蹈。



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