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A hand of organic arugula; some Soba Noodles; some sesame seeds or any nuts you like; a bag of jasmine tea; some plain cream cheese; a little soy milk for dressing.

This is my improvisation in the morning of a fusion style breakfast! It is not only a FUSION of ingredients from Japan, China, and the United States but also a FUSION of cooking methods from these areas.

I put the soba noodles in the boiling water, which is normal. While I put in a bag of jasmine tea at the same time, it was taking some risks in order to create something new. The idea of adding jasmine tea into noodles just jumped in at the moment; the same as cream cheese and soy milk, simply because I happened to have some in my refrigerator. I put the arugula, filled in half of the bowl, waiting for the jasmine noodles be ready. Then I mixed the hot soba noodles with the arugulas, nuts, cream cheese, and soy milk. It was warm and in a perfect balance.

Reflections: Before I could do this MORNING IMPROVISATION, I had already cooked and tasted those ingredients in their traditional (original) ways. I knew their unique favor and their own characters; I had the image in my mind about how they would interact with each other and how they would smell and taste like together. I had sort of rehearsal in my mind, however, at the same time, I was taking some risks as well. How similar it is like playing music with other musicians, composing new music, leading a band...? And our life is completely improvisation, isn't it? I LOVE my improvisational life, which is always full of flowing, spontaneity, creativity, exploration, possibilities, and innovations! What're your RECIPES? Your ORIGINAL RECIPES of food, music, and your LIFE?

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