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Free online Music Therapy/Music Lessons during April 20-26

Updated: Apr 20, 2020

I have been offering Telehealth music therapy for clients in both China and the U.S. through different platforms. There is a great opportunity next week!

Community Music Center of Boston, one of the organizations I work with, is offering a pilot online program during Monday, April 20 - Sunday, April 26. 

During this week, anyone can sign up for a free music therapy session/music lesson with me by filling out the form below. Remember to put in my name so that the registration team will set you up first.

Q: What we might be doing together?

A: We might be holding a space for you to process everything has been going on and feel supported.

We might make some music together online. It may be in the form of sharing music, learning some new music perks and techniques, exploring the aspect of music you always wanted but never felt supported to do so, writing a song together, or simply improvise. Other forms of expressive arts (e.g. action, drama, visual arts) may be integrated if you are interested.

Whether you want to learn about how you can benefit from music therapy, or want to learn some music chops (European classical music, Jazz, blues, Chinese music, world music; vocal, keyboard, piano, drum, music software, songwriting, composition, music theory; you name it), we can figure out a plan that is best for YOU!

More information about CMCB Online Lessons can be found here.

Q: What do these lessons cost for student participants?

During this pilot week (April 20-25), students and families that participate in the trial will be able to do so free of charge and without registration in exchange for feedback about their experience with the process. These students would then have the option/ability to register for these lessons/classes once we launch online lessons outside of the current CMCB community in early May 2020.


In addition, I have started a new online music project, offering daily new music to cope with anxiety during the pandemic. It is a free offering on my Youtube channel: 21-day SoundLog Journey with Xingyu Day 1. I hope to see you at one of the live streaming events!

You can find more info about this project here.

Feel free to share these awesome opportunities with people who might benefit from this!

Much Love! <3

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