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Blowing in the Wind...

Updated: May 10, 2020

So much thinking and emotions going through me as I was reading posts from the media and social media, talking with friends around the world, and creating new ways to explore opportunities embedded in the challenges.

Here I am. I just wrote down these new lyrics with the melody from Bob Dylan‘s Blowing in the Wind.

I feel glad and grateful that I can capture, contain, and share my thoughts and feelings through creating music.

Below are the lyrics I just wrote. I hope you enjoy, let me know how it resonates with you in some way.

“How many lives gonna die in front of us
Before we learn from our mistakes?

How much hatred gonna play out
Before we can see through others’ eyes?

How many barriers we need to overcome
Before everything is too late?”

The second verse I sing in this video is Bob’s original. I put it in because it is still so much relevant almost 60 years later. How history repeats itself!

Now I can go to sleep. Good night!

Xingyu's Sound Log 3/19/2020 3 am


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