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The deep psychological meaning of Spider-Verse series 《蜘蛛侠:平行宇宙》系列的深层心理意义

How do you want to spend your life?

1️⃣ Following Miguel O'Hara', an authoritarian figure bound by hierarchy and the certainty of suffering. He's trapped by past trauma—guilt and the loss of loved ones fuel his actions. He is doing his best. Yet actions emerged from unprocessed trauma usually cause more harm than good. Unconsciousness trauma reenactment is a natural phenomenon.

2️⃣ Or, following Miles Morales, the artistic youngest, who journey life with friends who deeply love, support, and inspire one another. Each person is respected and seen. Fun and artistic expressions are their power of rising up and mobilizing into a more humane future.

My answer is the second one, because that's my authentic self.

What about you?

In the last 10 years, increasingly, I encounter clients who are experiencing political depression. This leads me to look deeper into the system we human have created for ourselves globally.

The world seems to dim bit by bit while technology accelerating its ability to "running down to the end of brain stem for manipulation" and "tube-feeding" us with mental junk food. The success of industrialism which brought material wealth into the world, have turned its focus on the extraction of human psychological resources (attention, extreme emotions, reward and punishment system).

Recently, I have picked up the book "Decolonizing Therapy" and joining a book club of therapists from various cultural backgrounds. My two trips, within the past year, in the wilderness of South Africa (no internet, no cell, not digitals) have also given me the necessary distance to evaluate our position in this world as human beings.

Consistent meditation (including music improvisation as a meditation medium) and rest have been my sacred practice. In the silence and rest, there emerges the wisdom.

As one of the inspirations emerged from these sacred space, I am starting a website remodeling process. This blog marks the beginning of the process.

I say process, because process, rather than the outcome, is my focus.

Welcome to join my process if your choice is the second one with Miles Morales.

My life has always been multidimensional. I am naturally curious about all areas of life. Subjects, school grade, and social constructs do not prevent me from following my curiosity.

This year, I am feeling this gentle pull to create my center, channeling my inner multidimensional living experiences into physical and digital forms. I speak three languages, each connecting with amazing and different experiences. I am a third-culture adult. I am a global citizen. I involve in so many creative projects. Writing, podcasting, musicicking since I was a fetus, being a music educator for over 17 years, music therapist (MT-BC), CEO/entrepreneur, systematic thinker, public speaker...

My speed of creating is much faster than my speed of curating my creation. Now I am turning my website into a creative project. Let's see what happens!

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